Tuesday, 27 December 2011

♣ recent shenanigans...

people i've seen recently on public transport in&around BD2 ♥
these two women, one old one quite young having a gossip about a mutual friend
(young woman)-"Well, she was the one that put our David on the straight an' narrow, he's not even on drugs anymore, so he says anyway. and he's lookin' for a job..."
(old woman)-"Yeah love, so I heard, he's got a long way to go but maybe she's the girl to sort him out..."
this chav with a monobrow having a brutal sounding phone conversation;
"im propa f*ckin' swearin' at top of ma voice on' bus! All old people are lookin' at me! Your sellin' shit! I'll rip ya f*ckin' neck apart! Meet me at Morrisons in ten, we'll man him on thorpe edge..."
four clones, around the age of 16, repping their side ponytails, Jack Wills body warmers, and Paul's Boutique handbags of course. (vomit)
a guy sat in front of me, chilling with a cheeky doobie casually tucked behind his ear.

Monday, 26 December 2011

henna is nice

thats some henna on my arm right there that i got done.. looks beautiful! <3

Sunday, 18 December 2011

things i did on the 18th december 2011...

today i went to leeds and stuck all the tickets to lamposts and traffic lights and such, all along cookridge street and park row. here is some photos of them. i think people thought i was a weirdo, cause i kept getting funny looks and one stupid horrid rancid boy wearing a hideously uncool red coat flamin pulled off the cellotape while i was sticking one down! total unfunny doylem. i also put one by the bus stop by my house in the shelter, and im working every day this week too so i can give her some chums when i get off the bus, awwwwhhhhhhhhh ♥

then i went to topshop and bought a right nice grey jumper, then i went to upper crust and ate a brie&cranberry baguette and it was peng.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

a peng guy and a proper sket.

this is a well fit guy i saw on the bus to work, tapping his foot to his earphones, and clutching a briefcase that was ridiculously too shiny and nice and new.
yeeeee so i was thinking how i could expand the bus/train ticket thaaaang. and i decided to explore the different types of interesting people that can be found on public transport. so yerrrr, heres two i made earlier!
and im gonna keep making these characters based on people i see while using public transport, and sticking the completed version to the wall/floor/back of the seat on the bus or train. another idea i have is that i could stick them to my destination (at the bus stop i get off at, or train station platform) or even give them to people on the train. if i decide to stick them to the destination/train or bus, il probably photograph it when its stuck and leave it, and hope to make a collection, and/or see the same one again and add to it :) i want to end up making so many, and have so many of them stuck around leeds and bradford, that people begin to recognise/notice them more (and that's how il get rich and famous, and be able to buy copious amounts of Louis Vuitton handbags, expensive perfume, and loads+loads of aqua
dresses, and live in Hawaii and own a bar on the beach and do loads of art in a wooden shack while catching a sweet tan) so anyway, i've only done these two so far, this littler one was a woman i saw with about 10,000 kids, and 20,000 pairs of earrings, and she was really stressed (hence baring teeth) and kept on shouting at all her kids that she had no control over. shaaaame should have used protection sket.
(that is all so far)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx