Sunday, 18 December 2011

things i did on the 18th december 2011...

today i went to leeds and stuck all the tickets to lamposts and traffic lights and such, all along cookridge street and park row. here is some photos of them. i think people thought i was a weirdo, cause i kept getting funny looks and one stupid horrid rancid boy wearing a hideously uncool red coat flamin pulled off the cellotape while i was sticking one down! total unfunny doylem. i also put one by the bus stop by my house in the shelter, and im working every day this week too so i can give her some chums when i get off the bus, awwwwhhhhhhhhh ♥

then i went to topshop and bought a right nice grey jumper, then i went to upper crust and ate a brie&cranberry baguette and it was peng.

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