Tuesday, 27 December 2011

♣ recent shenanigans...

people i've seen recently on public transport in&around BD2 ♥
these two women, one old one quite young having a gossip about a mutual friend
(young woman)-"Well, she was the one that put our David on the straight an' narrow, he's not even on drugs anymore, so he says anyway. and he's lookin' for a job..."
(old woman)-"Yeah love, so I heard, he's got a long way to go but maybe she's the girl to sort him out..."
this chav with a monobrow having a brutal sounding phone conversation;
"im propa f*ckin' swearin' at top of ma voice on' bus! All old people are lookin' at me! Your sellin' shit! I'll rip ya f*ckin' neck apart! Meet me at Morrisons in ten, we'll man him on thorpe edge..."
four clones, around the age of 16, repping their side ponytails, Jack Wills body warmers, and Paul's Boutique handbags of course. (vomit)
a guy sat in front of me, chilling with a cheeky doobie casually tucked behind his ear.

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